The client has the option to purchase one of our existing projects, or order a brand-new project based on his specific needs and requirements. We provide full documentation as listed below at an agreed price.


After all the necessary preparations regarding the design and the furniture layout of the house, we will prepare the technical plans and present them to you. They will consist of floor plans, site plans, elevations and sections. In addition, we will provide details for specific parts.The plans will be ready to be presented by your local engineer to local authorities in order to secure the initial building permit approval.


Using our own software, we will prepare a 3D model and present you with some stunning visualizations, in order for you to have better idea how the chosen materials, colours and furniture will correspond with the design of the whole building.


Once everything is ready to go, we prepare the structural engineering drawings. All the beams, columns, window and door frames, joists, trusses etc. are detailed and presented in order for easy assembly on site. The construction is calculated based on local atmospheric conditions - wind, fire safety, earthquake levels etc. At the end the client is presented with all the documentation regarding the engineering part of the building. Those documents can be presented in your local authorities by the local engineer, together with the architectural, electrical, water supply, HVAC etc. plans, to receive the building permit.


Each door and window is defined, measured and presented to the client and to the manufacturer. The client has the option to purchase the doors or the windows or both from one of our approved suppliers, or to use a local supplier/manufacturer who can produce them based on our given specifications.


Every furniture that we present is based on our experience and corresponds with our philosophy and our design of the building itself. We design our spaces based on the size and the requirements of the furniture in order to provide the most efficient space utilization. We will be providing you with a list of proposed furniture and their design, for all the rooms of the house with all the corresponding sizes. You might choose to remove some of them or add others.


Probably one of our great features is the ability to present cost analysis for each aspect of the project. In this section we present the cost analysis of the majority of the materials used in the building - from the steel frame to the wall finishes, tiles and so on. This way the subcontractor will have an exact cost of the building. It is obligatory to purchase the CFS metal frames from Vivacitas Homes, but the remaining items could be purchased from one of our authorized suppliers or from an alternative local source.


In addition to the material cost analysis, we prepare one for the labour part. The approved subcontractor will be given the work details, construction elements and labour hours so he will be able to calculate an exact cost for the completion of the project.


As we mentioned we offer our vision of how the house would look like from the inside - with furniture, colours and materials proposals. We mark each item of the interior that we've used and can give you an exact cost of what you see in the interior visualizations. The prices given are extracted from the IKEA catalogue for ease of use. You should use this list as a reference and make your own choice of furniture and supplier.